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You can also find content by type for any year via the site archives. Quickly search by year for sections, columns and regional news.

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This site has a number of user services. There is a staff directory with full contact information and information on subscribing, advertising, reprints and other site features. To locate information on site features and services, use our site guide.

Search tips

Be specific. "Medicare reform" is more precise than just Medicare.

Use phrases, with quote marks. Words alone make a weak search.
   "Medicare pay cut"   "licensing fees"   "disciplinary actions"

Combine terms. Zero in on what you want with multiple terms:
   +"online consultation" +reimbursement

Use the plus (+) sign to require. Put it right in front of the term, with no space in between. (Do not use + or "and" to connect terms.)
   RIGHT:   +upcoding +"CPT coding"
   RIGHT:   +"online consultation" +reimbursement
   WRONG:   online + consultation
   WRONG:   online and consultation

Use the minus (-) sign to exclude. For patient safety programs but not bills:
   "patient safety" -legislation

Use "or" if you want either term. For either Medicare or Medicaid:
   Medicare or Medicaid

Use "( )" to group searches . For pay cuts in either Medicare or Medicaid:
   "pay cuts" (Medicare or Medicaid)

Use the asterisk/star (*) as wildcard. For regulation, regulations (plural), regulate and regulatory:

Tweak your search. Try a few variations to see what works best.

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